Making Sense of Risk
Management for Venues
& Events

Our Story

RiskSense was created to meet a need for a simple, user friendly way for venues and event organisers to share risk information. In discussions with venue managers all over Australia, Reliance Risk Principal Wayne Middleton kept hearing the same question – ‘How do we know that we have thought of all of the risks for this event or that venue?’

RiskSense evolved in response to this challenge as a way of facilitating the sharing of experience between venues and event managers in different parts of the country.

Implementing Risk Management

Since launching the RiskSense program in early 2009 it has become apparent that RiskSense not only helps its users to share risk information, it actually works to overcome organisational resistance to the implementation of a risk management approach in the first place.

Venue and event managers are always busy. The last thing they want to do is spend time struggling with risk assessments they suspect won’t make a difference anyway. As a result, while they may give it lip service, most organisations in the venue and events industry fail to implement effective risk management.

RiskSense responds to this fundamental problem. Its intuitive interface and logical, user-friendly screens guide managers through the process of conducting a risk assessment, making a potentially complex task easy (without dumbing it down to a pointless box-ticking exercise). By eliminating the need to type and re-type risk information the program makes risk assessment much quicker.

Most importantly, the ease with which users can create simple, readable reports allows them to communicate the outcomes of risk assessments – helping to justify requests for extra resources to address a risk and to protect them if something ultimately does go wrong.