Making Sense of Risk
Management for Venues
& Events


RiskSense is an online service software platform and database by Reliance Risk created specifically for venues, events and sporting industries:

  • Assess and control business and event related risk
  • Record and analyse incidents
  • Benchmark industry risks and incident statistics within an organisation and against other relevant industry users

RiskSense helps you achieve a best practice for risk assessment.

Risk Assessment

RiskSense is user friendly and intuitive. With us your risk assessments will be faster, easier and more effective.

Using RiskSense over a period of time develops a longitudinal study of risks – facilitating continuous improvement for your venue or events.

Benchmarking and Crowd Profiling

RiskSense knows how important it is for venues to evaluate an event’s safety risk and our software as a service (SaaS) will help you make an informed decision.

RiskSense can facilitate the design of events to reduce risk, providing a viable benchmarking plan for your event. If a venue, justify a booking acceptance decision, RiskSense is a straightforward way to evaluate an event’s safety risk before you commit.

Incident Reports

RiskSense links incident reports to risks to improve planning – giving you a longitudinal sense of risks occurring at your event or venue. At the same time, state-of-the-art information security.

Customise forms to suit your needs, easily report risk trends and capture all data in a single, secure location.

RiskSense is designed to allow you to maintain anonymity from other users, protect the privacy and personal details of your data, but selectively share risks and incident data with others for the purpose of benchmarking and reference.

Why RiskSense?

RiskSense reduces costs, subjective bias and improves the quality of your risk assessment. It helps improve standards of risk management across the venues industry by fostering continuous improvement and benchmarking.

RiskSense provides individuals and the industry with an information management system based on the internationally recognized risk management standard.