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Met with a Monster

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A spate of shark sightings along South Africa’s coastlines by surfers and authorities alike came to a climax last month, as professional Australian surfer Mick Fanning came face-to-face with a Great White during world championships at Jeffrey’s Bay. As ABC reported, video footage showed an unmistakable shark fin approaching Fanning, before the surfer was knocked […]

Baseball Death

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An accident during a junior baseball game at the National Baseball Congress World Series in Kansas tragically left a nine-year-old boy dead, highlighting ongoing concerns for player safety in the game irrespective of the level of professionalism. As UK Independent reported, Kaiser Carlile was volunteering as bat boy for the summer league ‘Liberal Bee Jays’ […]

Goodes on Him – or Not?

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An act of celebration by Indigenous footballer Adam Goodes at the Sydney Cricket Ground earlier this year brought the issue of racial discrimination back onto the public agenda, igniting a very public debate on the issue last month. As the Herald Sun reported, the 35-year-old Swans player ‘war-danced’ provocatively towards Carlton fans in the crowd […]

Tragic Fall

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As the Daily Telegraph reported, a 13-year-old boy was with his family in a popular shopping centre in Sydney on Sunday June 28, when he fell from a stairwell, landing thirty metres below and suffering severe injuries. The boy was rushed to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, where he later died from his injuries. As the […]

Risk Warning Signage

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In January of this year, a pleasant family camping experience in Southern New South Wales turned to tragedy. As the Illawarra Mercury reported, father Svaanik Kumar was staying with his wife and two young children at a campground in Coolendel, near Nowra. Mr Kumar, a non-swimmer, had been playing with his children in shallow waters […]